Mindset of an Agile Coach

Agile Coaching ICP-ACC

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The ICP-ACC certification allows gaining the skills, mindset, values, and responsibilities of an Agile coach. It eases the process of transforming Agile Practitioners to Agile Coaches in their organizations.

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WEEKENDS - 5/13 -15   - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Private Class


This course is designed to provide a highly interactive and experiential basis for the remote version of the IC Agile Certification. It eases the process of transforming Agile practitioners to Agile coaches in their organizations. It imparts the necessary skills for a coach and a mentor to assist their teams’ function at their most optimal level. It highlights the values, mindset, responsibilities, and role of an Agile Coach. The ICP-ACC is an IC Agile-accredited course.


Before: Plan between 1 hour and 3 hours of  self-study of theory and key concepts via course videos and reading in our comprehensive e-learning LMS system

During: 5 online workshops of 4.5 hours where we engage in active discussion, exploration, and practice

After: Writing of the practical case for ICP-ACC validation by ICAgile.  ICAgile Certification in Agile Coaching  (ICP-ACC) 

Included: Access to the registered course LMS is available for 16 weeks

Stories through Pictures compiled by ram Bathija is included in digital format.

Learning Outcomes

A key feature of this certification emphasizes on understanding the professional coaching skillset and team development concepts for helping teams and organizations grow. It helps differentiate between Agile and Coaching, in order to mentor, facilitate coach and teach an Agile Team. It also helps foster your own self-awareness and regulate your emotional intelligence, which facilitates a better understanding of team dynamics and organizations. It engages the candidate to apply their theoretical understanding to practical discussions and hypothetical situations, providing a holistic hands-on experience in coaching. Participants will acquire an in-depth understanding of the skills and competence required to become successful Agile coaches, in order to assist teams and organizations deliver their desired outcomes. The ICP-ACC is aligned with the Agile Coaching Track. Agile Coaching Learning Outcomes
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