Business Agility Foundations ICP-BAF

The Business Agility Foundations ICP-BAF aims at beginning the transformation and transition of an organization and an individual towards a more responsive and value-driven reality.

Agility in HR ICP-AHR

Through this course, participants will adopt the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle new ways of thinking and working along with people engagement practices that are value-based and humanistic in nature.

Agile Team Facilitation ICP-ATF

The ICP – ATF certification imparts the required skills to conduct effective and collaborative team meetings and enables a shift in mindset of the facilitator towards self-organization and higher efficacy.

Agile Coaching ICP-ACC

The ICP-ATF certification allows gain the skills, mindset, values and responsibilities of an Agile coach. It eases the process of transforming Agile Practitioners to Agile Coaches in their organizations.

Leading with Agility ICP-LEA

The Leading with Agility ICP-LEA certification is valuable for any individual eager to learn about the necessary paradigm shifts in order to lead in adaptive environments and work towards developing relevant leadership capabilities.

The SLII Experience™

A leadership training program that imparts how to build meaningful connections with coworkers which further creates exponential growth for the organization and increases productivity and engagement.